• Electric underfloor heating systems introduced first time in INDIA.
  • Ultimate in Comfort and luxury.
  • A must for best lifestyle and comfort levels in your Rooms.

About Us

First Time in India

Tefkot Cable Company has been exporting Underfloor heating cables to many developed countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa etc since 2004. With so many years of experience and added advantage of situated in North India itself We have developed full range of COZYHEAT Underfloor heating systems suitable for North Indian environment. COZYHEAT underfloor heating systems can be installed in Delhi with moderate cold and even in Leh where temperatures go down to -20Deg C. With COSYHEAT installed in your room you will experience the most comfortable and luxurious environment.

About This System

Chilling Cold

Winters in Northern India are almost chilling. Bedrooms are filled with thick woolen blankets/quilts supplemented with room heaters; and still we shiver due to cold. Every morning begins with a cold shock when we come out of bed and bare footed stand on the cold floor. Mothers have additional task of ensuring that the child has his feet covered with socks which the child don’t want to do. To tackle heat in summers we find Air-conditioning in every modern house and good Hotels, but when it comes to room heating we still rely on old ineffective ways of convectors and radiators. Tefkot Cable Company has now introduced a healthy and environmental friendly COZYHEAT solution to your room heating problems.

Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury

In many developed countries like America, Canada, Europe with extreme winters, and Australia, New Zealand and South Africa which have similar weather like that in North India, people are using a very unique form of centralized heating. During Building construction just like electric wiring and plumbing work the entire ground is covered with heating cables. Over these cables the final flooring is laid. Heating cable in each room is supplied with electricity through a room thermostat. The heating cables slowly produce heat which gently warm the floor of the room to a comfortable temperature of around 25-28 Deg C .Now you can walk bare footed on the floor and feel the coziness. This warm floor in turn becomes a large radiator and emits low intensity far-infrared rays (just like Sun) which directly warms objects in the room including person sitting in the room without wasting energy in heating the room Air. This covers the entire room with uniform temperature and you experience a most comfortable and luxurious environment with lowest amount of electricity consumption.

Advantages of COZYHEAT

  • No more cold floors.
  • No more uneven room temperature.
  • No more space wastage due to bulky heaters.
  • No more shivering.
  • No need of bulky Quilts.
  • Low running cost saves upto 20-40% energy as compared to convectors and radiators.
  • No irritating noise during working.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • No convection currents - dust free atmosphere
  • Value for Money: - It is considered permanent home appliance, nothing comes closer in terms of reliability and decades of life expectancy.
  • Extremely Safe: - Not a single heating component of a properly installed system is exposed or reachable by human beings or pets. Everything is safe to touch. No toy or little finger can reach anything hot. The heating element is double insulated and braided with ground shield to give extra protection if in case someone drills floor and hit the wire.
Heating Type Comparison Chart
Heating Type Radiators / Panel Heaters Electric Warm Fan Heaters Oil Filled Radiators Electric Underfloor Heating
Method of Heat Transfer Rely on circulating warm air by convection Fan-driven warm air Rely on circulating warm air by convection Mainly radiant heat, warming objects in its path
Efficiency Warm above, cool below means cold floors and uneven heating Ineffective at heating lower areas At best, a temporary heating measure Everything from the floor up is gently warmed, perfect for tiled floors
Distribution Need several radiators for even heating Gives warm areas, but leaves cold spots Several needed to give even heat Gives a very even spread of heat
Aesthetics Take up significant amount of space Difficult to position for effective heating Require plug socket and leave trailing cables Invisible heating, as virtually entire system is out of sight
Maintenance Require regular cleaning and maintenance Generate dust and need cleaning Require regular cleaning Nothing to clean or paint
Costs With two or more radiators, costs increase significantly Quite inexpensive, but not very effective normal cost these are simple and quick to install during flooring work, provide effective heating

Why COZYHEAT System more energy efficient then other systems

  • Convector/radiators use convection for heat transfer. Air is first heated and this hot air rises and cold air comes down to form convection current and the entire room is heated. But doing so the hottest air is on the top of room and coldest area is the floor. Hence most of heat is in the area which we don’t use and hence lot of heat is wasted in heating area not used by us. In COZYHEAT system heating is done by radiation method. Heat transfer takes place directly from one body to other. The hottest area is the floor and the coldest area is the ceiling which we don’t use hence heat is not wasted and heats the area which we need to heat. Resulting in heat saving.
  • In convector/radiators since Air in the room is hot and convection currents are there, heat is also lost from ventilators near the ceiling. In COZYHEAT system since there are no convection currents and air is cold heat loss through ventilators is less resulting is higher energy efficiency.

Advantages for Builders

First Time in India

In today’s environment every person is looking for getting more comfortable living and want to increase his living standard. There is lot of competition among builders and they are looking for new options to attract customers.

It has become common these days to travel abroad and hence more and more people have experienced underfloor heating at some place or other but have never thought that this they can get in India also.

The cost of installing COZYHEAT system in their buildings is not much compared to the value addition it provides such a:-

  • Comfort of radiant heating.
  • Feeling of centralized heating.
  • Reduced heating cost.
  • Increased comfort levels during winters.
  • Increased cleanliness in rooms there is no air movement to carry dust particles.
  • Healthy environment for Person with Asthma problem.
  • Lifelong product.
  • Increase in resale value (In UK and America, resale price of houses with underfloor heating system installed is more.).
  • In UK and America, buildings with underfloor heating system installed come under greener buildings.

All these salient features can be used to in marketing to sell the houses.

Advantages for hotel industry

Underfloor heating system has become popular is all the developed countries across the globe hence all NRI’s and foreigners are aware of it and would always prefer to live in a room with underfloor heating system installed.

If you will install COZYHEAT system in your hotel rooms then you can easily target these foreigner and NRI clients and can recover the cost of installation in less than a month’s time, as you will get a premium in these rooms as compared to ordinary rooms.


  • Installing Heater in floor: - I’m afraid I may get electric shock.
  • Ans : In underfloor heating, the entire heating system is buried inside earth, no part is exposed and hence there is no chance of shock even accidently. Moreover the heating system is additionally secured by an earth shield to protect people if accidently they try to drill through the floor and directly hit the cable. In fact these cables are moisture proof and you can easily install them in Bathrooms where any other heater cannot be installed due to moist conditions.

  • Installing heater inside the floor:- I’m afraid my flooring i.e. tiles, laminate, marble etc may get damaged due to heat.
  • Ans : Your Body temperature is 38 DegC. If you will touch the flooring of your room will it get damaged Due to your Body Temperature? In underfloor heating the floor temperature is set at around 25-28 Deg C i.e. well below your Body temperature and No flooring material gets effected/damaged with such a low temperature.

  • I intend to use wooden laminate flooring. Can I install underfloor heating system?
  • Ans : COZYHEAT underfloor heating systems are designed for installation under any type of flooring available in the market. The laying technique may be slightly different according to different flooring which we will tell you as per your design and flooring material at the time of installation.

  • Winters in My Area is just for 2 months an extreme cold is just for 2-3 weeks then why to go to such lengths of installing underfloor heating.
  • Ans : For the winters we make all the arrangements, we have thin quilts for mild winters and then have heavy quilts for severe winters, we have costly oil radiators and after winters are gone we worry about where to keep all this stuff. Then again in next winters we have to take out all this stuff back. Underfloor heating system is installed inside the floor no need of worrying about where to store it after winter is over. It does not take up any space in your room hence your room looks smart and elegant even in winters. No need of a thick Quilt. Add to it the luxurious comfort which you can only imagine once you have experienced it and you will find that underfloor heating is a must for every person who wants best lifestyle and comfort levels.

  • I want to install them in my hotel rooms but feel they would be quite expensive. :-
  • Ans : If you consider the 7 star luxury and comfort your guests will feel while living in room fitted with underfloor heating system and the value addition it will give to your Hotel the cost is very less. In fact the cost is quite low as compared to the costs we incur in installing centralized Air conditioning units. Just send us your project drawings along with dimensions and fixture details and we will design and Quote for the system suitable to your project.

  • What about running costs:-
  • Ans : Normal heaters in the market are rated about 2000W (2.0KW) which we use and still shiver. Underfloor heating system consumes much lower wattage for e.g. a typical 10’X15’ Bed room in NCR will normally require only 900W heating system. In fact underfloor heating system is one of the systems recommended for use in energy efficient buildings throughout the world.

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